Artist Uses A Unique Medium To Create Intricate Works Of Art

One person's trash can be another's masterpiece.

South African artist Meghan Maconochie takes a whole new approach to art by using pencil shavings as a medium.


Instead of drawing with her colored pencils, Maconochie uses shavings in various brilliant hues, and arranges them to make beautiful works of art.

Her intricate creations are part of a 365 day project on Instagram — compiling together subjects, featuring everything from flamingos to fish to hamburgers to popular icons like The Beatles.

Maconochie tells A Plus in an email that initially, the project was simply meant to post a picture a day. "But I have since realized that life happens, and there are things that are out of your control," she says. "So there have been some days where I just couldn't get the art done." On those days, the artist says she felt like a failure. But now, she realizes it's her project, so she can make her own rules. 

Maconochie, a teacher by day, explains that she finds inspiration in many things, including other talent Instagram artists or her family and friends. 

"Many of my instafriends are foodies and post the most incredible pictures. These always inspire me," she writes on Instagram.

Though creating the work isn't easy.

"My hands have calluses from all the sharpening," Maconochie tells Oddity Central. "I have tried using an electric sharpener, but the shavings end up being too fine and turn to dust pretty much."

But hard work pays off, and this artist's talents aren't going unnoticed: In April, Miley Cyrus regrammed Maconochie's Marilyn Monroe pop art for millions of followers to see.

"South African school teacher @meghanmaconochie artwork!!!! Made all from pencil shavings! Regrammed from @instagram Sooooo stoked Insta is here on earth so we can share our art around the world," Cyrus wrote.

And we couldn't agree more.

Maconochie tells A Plus that receiving such feedback and appreciation has been great. 

"The fact that Miley reposted my work makes the world feel really small. But to be very honest, I appreciate every other regram as much as I appreciate Miley's," she says.

Check out more art below:

For more of Maconochie's work, follow her on Instagram.

(H/T: Neatorama)


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