Maybelline Hires Their First Asian Global Ambassador

"Since I was little, I was bullied because I was too tall."

While there has historically been a lack of diversity in the fashion world, the industry has been taking steps in the right direction for the last couple of years. 

Maybelline, a major American brand producing beauty products, took one of those steps by signing Taiwanese model I-Hua Wu to become their newest brand ambassador.  While Maybelline has been represented by Asian models in their campaigns before, Wu will be the first to be featured in Maybelline's campaigns globally. The other brand's global ambassadors include Gigi Hadid, Jourdan Dunn, Christy Turlington and Herieth Paul.

It might have taken Maybelline, founded in 1915, more than a hundred years to get here, but now they are becoming a leader when it comes to pushing for more diversity in fashion — and other brands should be taking notice.


"I never thought about being a model. Since I was little, I was bullied because I was too tall, or different somehow — I'm not really sure," Wu told The Cut in an interview. "I didn't have any friends and was ostracized. In junior high, I cried every single day. But in high school, my mom saw a company was holding a modeling competition, sponsored by an agency. My mom signed me up. It wasn't to become a model; it was to meet other tall people like me."

"It doesn't matter if your eyes are big or your complexion is white — people don't care. As long as you think you're beautiful, you will be beautiful," she added in the same interview.

And we couldn't agree more. 

Scroll down to see some more photos of Wu. Congrats to this lady on becoming the first Asian model to represent the brand globally!


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