Judging People By Their Heart And Binge-Watching Envy: Our Favorite Reader Comments From The Past Month

Every month, we'll be highlighting things we heard from our most important critic, you, the reader.

Even after five months of compiling our favorite reader responses from our FacebookTwitter and Tumblr pages, our audience still has the ability to surprise us — in the best way. One of our favorite (and least expected) comments this month comes from a 66-year-old grandma who wrote, "I have always thought Snoop Dogg rocks!!!!!" on a story about the rapper surprising Jimmy Kimmel with a donation to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. We loved it not only because it reminded us that anyone can be a fan of "Gin and Juice", but because the commenter justified her praise with a statement we should all keep in mind:

"I judge people by their heart...his has always been big..."

See below for our favorite comments, and the stories they reference, from the last month. And be sure to check out our favorite comments from previous months.


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