Traffic Stops So An 8-Year-Old Can Help An Elderly Woman Climb Stairs, Twitter Erupts With Praise

"She was struggling, so I decided to help her."

While random acts of kindness supposedly happen every day, today's 24-hour news cycle can often leave viewers feeling like those acts are few and far between. But when videos, such as that of Maurice Adams Jr.'s selfless desire to help an elderly woman climb stairs, go viral, it's easy to see there are people on the planet who still understand the importance of helping those in need.

Last weekend, 8-year-old Maurice of Milledgeville, Ga., was in the car with his mother and sister after leaving a high school graduation when they saw the woman crossing the road. His mother, Contricia Hill, told ABC affiliate Channel 2 Action News that they began talking about the woman, who was crossing the busy road alone, when her son spoke up.

"He asked, 'Can I go out there and help her up the steps?'" Hill said.

His mother said "she never saw a kid helping an older lady up the stairs or helping an older lady doing something" WGXA reports. She couldn't help but stop in the middle of traffic so her son could help someone who was clearly in need of assistance. Maurice proceeded to support the elderly woman's back as he used his other hand to help guide her walker up the steps. Once they reached the top, she gave him a hug and the two went their separate ways.


Twitter has since erupted with praise for both the young boy, for the act itself, and his parents, for teaching him to be kind to his fellow humans.

Hill told Channel 2 Action News that, before the two parted ways, the elderly woman told Maurice he was special — a sentiment shared by spectator Riley Duncan, who was inspired to film the encounter and share the video on Facebook with the caption: "Thank God for our youth."

"I'm like, 'Wow, he jumped out to help that elderly lady,' I was so proud and it made me feel so good and I started crying. With tears, I started recording and it was just so amazing," Duncan told WGXA.

After the video went viral, someone helped Duncan connect with Hill on Facebook, where the two began chatting. Hill told him all about her son and he made plans to meet up with her and Maurice. Duncan told CBS News he intends to reward Maurice for his selfless good deed by giving him $100 when they meet. Hill and her son, however, still have no idea who the woman was, but hope to uncover her identity one day.

Of course, while not all random acts of kindness become viral sensations, it's clear we can all learn from Maurice's example, for he saw someone in need and leapt into action. In fact, he sounds almost like a superhero — the exact sort of everyday hero and role model kids of all ages need and deserve right now.

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