Skateboarders With Some Sick Skills Turn Finland's Airport Into A Massive Skate Park

Match made in HEL(sinki).

There's something very intriguing about getting access to places no one else can get to. 

Now, imagine you are a skateboarder and someone lets you use an actual airport's runway as a skate park. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? But that's exactly what Arto Saari, a professional skateboarder turned photographer from Finland, managed to achieve with a little help from Helsinki Airport and airline Finnair

The event titled, "The Arto Saari Invitational" was presented by Match Made in HEL, a hub connecting skateboarders from Asia and Europe. It featured seven skaters from around the world, skating the airport for two days in October 2014. 

"During the first-ever skate session at Helsinki Airport, Arto and his world-class crew got access to totally unique skate spots to test the limits of the gateway between East and West," Match Made In HEL writes on the event's website

And the rest was (skateboarding) history: 


Saari invited some of the best skateboarders from around the world to come to Helsinki's airport...

And skate the hell out of it.

"It's kind of every skateboarder's fantasy. When you fly, you see all these different things you'd like to skateboard, but you can't," confessed Matt Berger, a skateboarder from the crew.

Game on, skaters!

Any baggage to reclaim? Nope, just testing the spot out.

That's the good stuff right there.

Nothing more inspiring than the wildness of it all.

Just a man, his board and the feeling of freedom.

"Everything that we set out for — we got the stuff that we wanted. And more," said Saari.

Watch the entire Match Made in HEL(sinki) video below.

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