20 Balloon Animals To Make You Realize Your Childhood Birthdays Could've Been Way Better

Where were these balloons when we were kids?

Remember how fun it was to watch magicians shape oblong balloons into animals or objects? If you thought that was magical, wait until you see Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto's intricate creations. 

His remarkable sculptures are made using only balloons, and nothing else. Yup, he doesn't even employ markers, adhesives or seals.  

"While doing balloon art, I've been inclined to make lifelike balloon animals and insects," he told A Plus in an email. "I've liked creatures since I was small." 

Matsumoto also says much of his inspiration comes from wildlife photographs, and that he hopes his art sparks the imagination of others: "I want viewers to feel the sense of new possibilities within balloon art." 

Check out some of his balloon sculptures below. 


1. Deer.

2. Caterpillar.

3. Hermit crab.

4. Mandrill.

5. Tapir.

6. Owl.

7. Rockhopper Penguin.

8. Woman in black gown.

9. Seahorse

10. Jellyfish.

11. Centipede.

12. Blooming lilies.

13. Imp.

14. Iguana.

15. T-Rex.

16. Flamingo.

17. Pelican.

18. Rabbit.

19. Owl.

20. Frog.

(H/T: ViralNova

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