This Woman's Reaction To Her High School Crush's New Girlfriend Is Priceless

"Definitely not going to get invited to their wedding."


Sometimes checking up on lost loves' social channels becomes too much to bear. 

One woman recently learned this the hard way. While Marian Bull had a blast from the past, cyber stalking her high school crush's Facebook, she discovered his new girlfriend. 

"It's like her skin is made of silk, and it has little sun rays woven into it," Marian says to her roommate, Hallie Bateman, who captured her reaction on video. "I'm sure she's a really nice person."

Marian can't stop laugh-crying as she gets deeper and deeper into this woman's Facebook profile. 

"It's like there's always good light around her," she says. "Oh! She makes really mediocre watercolor paintings. I was so in love with him." 

At some point, she decides she's a model. "She's a model and I'm just sitting here in my sh*tty apartment. Our heat doesn't even work. I bet her heat works. She lives in California, she doesn't even need heat."

"Definitely not going to get invited to their wedding," she concludes.  

Good thing her roommate caught this all on camera so we can all laugh-cry and relate together. Because you know you've been there. We all have. 

(H/T: The Cut


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