This Artist Wants To Make Sure No Cause Is Forgotten


Powerful images can incapsulate the spirit of a social movement. Peruvian artist María María Acha-Kutscher turns powerful images depicted in the media into beautiful illustrations meant to make people think and — more importantly— feel.


Her exhibition is called Indignadas (Outraged Women). It depicts global human rights and feminist movements like Occupy Wall Street, Femen and the protests after the attacks on Charlie Hebdo

She explained to A+ that her main focus is global women and "the struggles for emancipation and equality, and the cultural construction of femininity." 

"I consider myself a feminist artist, because the political dimension of my artwork plays a dual role: it is an artistic product in itself and also an instrument contributes to political transformations, especially for women," Acha-Kutscher told A+ in an email. "As a visual artist I believe that art is a powerful political tool."

Some of the pieces tackle just that; the issues that women face every day, like body image, sexual harassment and objectification.

Others pay tribute to incredible women who have triumphed over adversity and become the faces of movements, like Malala Yousafzai.

Acha-Kutscher's website says the goal is to create "a memory bank that shows future generations that social changes throughout history were made by women and men together." 

These powerful images put faces to the issues that plague our world, and bring attention to the movements that combat them. 


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