10 Charts And Graphs That Perfectly Illustrate Life's Too-Real Moments

"Do I want to be married or do I want someone to marry me?"

What if we could break down all our life decisions and issues into charts and graphs that account for our quirks and flaws? Life would probably be a bit easier to navigate, that's for sure. 

New York City-based illustrator Mari Andrew does just that by capturing life's too-real moments in her incredibly relatable drawings. We've covered her work in the past, highlighting her illustrations of all kinds of life moments, from feeling anxious about social interactions, to handling grief after losing a loved one

But Andrew is most popular for taking the mundane happenings of life and breaking them down into fun charts. We pulled some of our favorites from her Instagram. Check them out below. 


1. The feeling of uncertainty.

2. Knowing the difference between a friend and a BFF.

3. For anyone who lives in a metro area.

4. The only reasons we use social media.

5. Thinking about your exes then and now.

6. TMW you read between the lines.

7. The real question though.

8. Why you might have a crush.

9. If you are actually compatible with that special someone.

10. How do you really feel?

Cover image via  ESB Professional I Shutterstock


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