'Culinary Canvas' Artist Creates Deliciously Beautiful Artwork Using Fruits and Vegetables


Kids are often told not to play with their food, but some parents may reconsider after seeing one artist's clever work. For the past two years, culinary aficionado Lauren Purnell has been crafting landscapes, plants and animals on plates using only fruits, vegetables and herbs. 

"My inspiration primarily comes from my personal experiences and nature," she told A Plus in an email. "I'm really inspired by my surroundings, whether that be outside or inside the kitchen. The pieces also reflect the foods I like to eat. And not only do fruits and vegetables have the best colors, but they also offer the greatest health benefits." 

Additionally, Purnell said she hopes her work makes viewers look at the world in a different way by showing "what can be created when you combine traditional skills with new, creative ideas."

Purnell shares her food creations on her Tumblr page titled "Culinary Canvas." Check out her deliciously beautiful plates below: 


1. Watermelon and cucumber.

2. Bell peppers, fennel and tarragon.

3. Mango, papaya, lime, blueberries and raspberries.

4. Dragon fruit.

5. Rhubarb, kale and radish.

6. Cucumber, pineapple and cabbage.

7. Purple sprouting broccoli, basil and parsley.

8. Melon, avocado, apple, kale and papaya.

9. Portobello mushroom.

10. Carrot stems.

11. Bell peppers, parsley and mint leaves.

12. Papaya and spinach.

13. Banana, mango, spinach, watermelon and lime.

14. Blueberries, parsley and mint.

15. Fennel, kiwi, apricots, and blueberries.

16. Apple, avocado and blackberries.

17. Rosemary, pomegranate, cinnamon, orange, lemon, apple, cucumber, cranberries and coconut.

18. Raspberries, basil and mint.


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