This Is Not Computer Animation: It's The Best Kid's Costume We've Seen In A Long Time

And it will brighten up your day.

Last year, video of Royce Hutain's LED stick figure costume for his daughter went mega viral, garnering over 22 million views and demanding national media attention. Capitalizing off that attention, he started a business selling the LED costumes for children and adults alike but now he's back with something new.

In preparation for the family vacation to Disneyland, Hutain made another costume for his daughter Zoey, but this time it was Disney-themed and it immediately went viral on Reddit.

"I think Zoey knows to expect a lot of attention when she is wearing the costume.  I don't think she quite understands the fame part of it," Hutain told A+. "She's more concerned with tea parties and dressing up."

He hinted at more costumes coming soon, but wouldn't give away any details.

"What's next? I'll never tell! We have some really cool stuff in the works that I am pretty excited about. That's about all I can say," Hutain said. "I can tell you that I'll be uploading a video next week of her backup costume. It's pretty funny."



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