At Night, This Building Transforms Into A Giant Game Of Tetris And Sends Messages

Wicked cool.

When most people look at a tall building, they just see a tall building. But when German IT students at Kiel University see one, they see a canvas. 

These students were so inspired, they transformed a 14-story building with 392 windows into a giant LED projector. They attached 144 LED lights to each window so they could project messages, emojis, colored lights, and giant games of Tetris, Pong, and Snake. Now that's one way to take a skyscraper to a whole new level. 

"Our students from the Department of Computer Science developed everything from scratch: Prototyping, hardware (LED-bars, controllers etc.), software (server, tool-infrastructure etc.), and an API," the video description says

The whole thing is pretty darn cool. Check it out in the video below:



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