Watch How These Korean Women React To Eating American BBQ For The First Time

"It looks a bit undercooked."

In the same way Korean barbecue can be a novelty for some here in the U.S., many Koreans have never tried American-style barbecue food. The brains behind Digitalsoju TV, a channel that creates videos about life in Seoul, decided it was time to change that for six Korean women. 

The women were served up Southern-style dishes of pulled pork, brisket and American-style pork ribs for the first time. After each serving, they were asked to rate the dish on a one to 10 scale. 


First up, pulled pork on a platter.

Almost all of the women thought the meat looked undercooked, but after being reassured it was prepared properly, they dug in.  

"Visually, it wasn't very appealing but I personally thought it was good."

"The visual aspect is important in my opinion."

"It's not too sour, but for most Koreans it might be a tough sell."

Once they tried it in a slider bun, everyone upped their score. Even the woman who originally gave it a 5.5 bumped her score to a 7.0.

Next up, brisket.

"Oh my god, look at how thick it is."

"It's interesting because normally I hate eating the fat, but this is really tender and it melts in your mouth."

Their scores ranged from 6.0 to 9.5 for the brisket. 

Finally, they got to experience the beauty that is pork ribs, and they all totally loved it.

You can watch the whole video below:

(H/T: Elite Daily


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