This Photographer Has Turned Feeding Animals Into Art

These are so sweet.

In a perfect world, our interactions with nature would be just like Snow White's: Random deer would help us make breakfast in the morning, bobcats would braid our hair (their claws make such even parts!), and blue jays would be our Kelly and Michelle whenever we sang in the shower. It would be disgustingly delightful. Unfortunately, pigeons and rats are the most nature we usually encounter, and no, they are not welcome to join as backup dancers when we sing Taylor Swift's complete discography.

Finnish photographer Konsta Punkka has had much better luck on the animal friend front than we have. He has christened himself a "squirrel whisperer," and taken hundreds of gorgeous photos of Finland's animals and landscapes. As you can see, he's been "Snow Whiting" it up by getting tiny birds and a bunch of chipmunk-looking things to eat out of his hand. 

We imagine step one to getting on his animal friendship level is to reevaluate all the times we've tried to get baby ducks to eat out of our hands by barreling after them, while wailing "DUCKIE!" like it's a Celtic war cry. 


1. He provides a quick snack for the bird on the go.

2. Birds these days are busy!

3. No time to put their wings down.

4. Not a second.

5. The animals can be skeptical at first.

6. And slow to approach.

7. Really slow.

8. But he wins them over eventually.

9. Hello, goose.

10. And chipmunk.

11. He usually comes bearing nuts.

12. But cookies are also welcome.

13. And occasionally, the animals return the favor.


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