Yachts Are No Longer Cool. Insane Portable Islands Are Where It's At Now.

Can we be rich now?

Billionaires have graduated from wanting yachts. It's all about portable islands now. 

"Kokomo Ailand," a new watercraft designed by Migaloo Private Submarines, is basically a mobile private island that screams luxury. 


Of course, no billionaire's portable island would be complete without a helipad, glass-bottomed Jacuzzi and penthouse suite. Kokomo Ailand also comes equipped with two elevators, palm trees, waterfalls, gym, multiple pools and an outdoor cinema. The vessel can also be built with other specifications that the buyer desires. 

You're probably curious exactly how much this dream come true costs. "The price depends strongly on the client's wishes," a representative told Business Insider

Check out the renderings below:

This section, named the Jungle Deck has a pool, waterfall, cocktail bars, palm trees and vertical gardens.

The Spa Deck has a gym, massage parlor and beauty salon.

The Garden Deck is perfect for strolling, relaxing and outdoor dining.

You can also barbecue and chill by the pool.

How insane is that view?

Explore the vessel further in this video:

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(H/T: Business Insider


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