This Guy Is Photoshopping Himself Into The Kardashians' Photos With Hilarious Results

Move over, Kim, there's a new Kardashian in town.

We've all obsessively followed the lives of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie — but there's a Kardashian kid (no, not Rob) that we've completely overlooked. Until now. 


Meet Kirby Jenner, the self-proclaimed fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner. See, he was on all those family vacations — he just, uh, missed the boat on being on the show.

Kirby's finally getting out of his sisters' shadow and stepping into the limelight. Isn't the resemblance striking?!

It must be tough to have a twin who's a gorgeous model, but Kirby is doing the best he can to get some attention.

Kendall's friends are his friends, including Justin Bieber...

.... and of course, he hangs with model Gigi Hadid all the time, too.

Kendall and Kirby celebrate birthdays together...

... and they go to amusement parks with the rest of the fam.

Like any good Kardashian, he understands the value of a camera-ready pose.

Sometimes it seems like he doesn't quite fit in with his other sisters....

But he and Kendall are clearly a pair.

Though the account is still small with only 23 photos posted, like any good Kardashian, he's rapidly building a strong social media following, so you can be sure more hilarious photoshopped Kardashian hijinks are to come.

 Follow @kirbyjenner on Instagram or check out his Tumblr to see the rest of these ridiculous photos.


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