These Kids Didn't Grow Up On '90s Music, And This Is What Happens When They Hear What They Missed

"I've heard of Mariah Carey."

The 90's was an era defined by a very specific sound. We spent the entire decade blasting grunge and teen pop songs on our CD players. We managed to find a "favorite" from a vast selection of identical boy bands with interchangeable sounds and recycled choreography. 

It was certainly an exciting time to be a kid. 

But then came a whole new generation — one that didn't care about Tamagotchis or Spice Girls. For these kids, if it's not trending on Twitter, it never happened. 

In this painful yet hilarious video, teenagers from the post-Backstreet-Boy era were put to the test. They were given headphones and a sample of a particularly nostalgia-triggering brand of 90's music and asked to identify it.


One kid was confident he knew the material.

...maybe too confident.

Some of the songs were tricky and the kids, understandably, had trouble naming them. But then a familiar sound cascaded into their ears.  

That's right, folks. There's an entire generation that did not hear the song "I Want It That Way" by The Backstreet Boys on TRL every single day of 1999. 

While that's a very surprising pill to swallow, try this next one: 

A painful response to Mariah Carey's masterpiece "One Sweet Day."

We can forgive these kids because it's not their fault that they were born at the tail end of a legendary era of music. But we hope they can appreciate what they're missing out on. 

Watch the full video below for some unbelievable reactions to these sacred pieces of history.


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