Their Daughters Wanted Clothes That 'Are For Boys,' So They Launched A Gender-Defying Fashion Label

"We tell our girls they can do anything. Be anything."

Girls like to push dolls around in prams and boys are all about robots and vehicles. Says who? Certainly not these two Seattle moms.


Meet Jennifer Muhm and Malorie Catchpole, the founders of buddingSTEM, a gender-defying fashion label for kids.

As the two mothers-turned-entrepreneurs explain in their Kickstarter video, the idea behind the label was born when Muhm's daughter wanted to be an astronaut for Halloween. However after going through costumes in a children's catalog, the little one quickly changed her opinion.

"I can't be an astronaut," she told her mom. "That costume is for boys."

It did take some convincing and showing heaps of photos of female astronauts, but eventually Muhm's daughter did make a fantastic astronaut. 

Last time we checked, that's exactly how a cool astronaut looks.

A couple months later, Catchpole's daughter asked her mom to get her train underpants. Yep. The ones that can "only be found in the boy's section." And as the two explain on the label's webpage, that's exactly when the idea for buddingSTEM was born:

We tell our girls they can do anything. Be anything.

So, why is it so hard to find clothes for young girls who aspire to explore the universe or dig for dinosaurs?

The images matter. They tell young girls that things like science and engineering aren't for them.

The two Seattle mothers want to break gender stereotypes and empower girls to be who they want to be — a much needed change, we'd say.

The current collection includes prints featuring dinosaurs...

and rockets typically marketed towards boys.

Well, guess what? Girls love them too.

Muhm and Catchpole are currently raising funds on their Kickstarter page so that they can bring the label to market.

Way to go, girls!

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