Guy Turns Himself And His Girlfriend Into Characters From 'Rick And Morty,' 'South Park,' And More

"I love you to the moon and back."

One of the best feelings is seeing the look on a loved one's face after you've surprised them with something special. This past holiday season, artist Kells O'Hickey wowed his girlfriend Lindsay with a super creative present: 10 drawings of them as a couple in various cartoon styles. He imagined them as characters in shows such as The Simpsons, South Park, and Family Guy, as well as some new-school favorites, such as Rick and Morty and Steven Universe


As if they aren't adorable enough, the pair also have a sweet love story. "We dated for the majority of high school and then mutually went our separate ways when college started," O'Hickey told A Plus. "We recently reconnected when she sent me a happy birthday message two and a half years ago. We started dating again about six months later and have been together ever since." 

The cartoon-themed gift was a sentimental symbol of their high school romance. Back in their teen years, the couple would hang at home watching cartoons. "We spent countless hours watching shows like Family Guy and South Park," the artist said. "It's always been something we are able to enjoy together." 

And to this day, the couple still bond over animated funnies. "I've always had a huge interest in cartoons and animation, and as we've been dating, she's developing an interest of her own," he said.  

"I had mentioned to her that I had been working on a gift for her about a month or so before the holidays, she tried poking around a bit, with no luck," O'Hickey said. "A week later, she mentioned that I haven't shown her anything that I've drawn in awhile — I usually show her most of what I doodle." 

When the holidays finally arrived, the couple exchanged gifts and Lindsay was more than excited to see what her boyfriend had been working on all this time. "She ripped the tissue paper off, grabbed the drawings and ignored the other gifts in there for about 30 minutes as she carefully paged through the drawings," he said.  It was an emotional moment as Lindsay looked her boyfriend in the eyes and told him, "I love you to the moon and back."

O'Hickey shared his gift on Instagram and of course it went viral. Art lovers from around the world fell in love with the sweet images. 

"I love this!! Cute couple in real and drawn life!" said one Instagrammer. 

"This made me smile so much. Awesome job, bro!" said another

"Wow this is actually amazing. Love the Rick and Morty one" said another. 

See all of the photos below.

1. "Rick and Morty"

Courtesy of Kells O'Hickey

2. "Dragon Ball Z"

Courtesy of Kells O'Hickey

3. Disney

Courtesy of Kells O'Hickey

4. "South Park"

Courtesy of Kells O'Hickey

5. "Cuphead"

Courtesy of Kells O'Hickey

6. "Bob's Burgers"

Courtesy of Kells O'Hickey

7. "The Simpsons"

Courtesy of Kells O'Hickey

8. "Adventure Time"

Courtesy of Kells O'Hickey

9. "Family Guy"

Courtesy of Kells O'Hickey

10. "Steven Universe"

Courtesy of Kells O'Hickey

This goes to show that the best gifts come from the heart and some creativity can go a long way. 

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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