This Funny Video Proves Stop Motion Karate Is Better Than The Real Thing


It's the standard scene in every kung fu movie. Two guys are practicing martial arts, an attractive woman walks by, and then both guys have to karate fight each other to win her attention. Except this time… it's in stop motion.

Video creator Corridor Digital outdid themselves with their latest must-watch sensation, Stop-Motion Karate. This awesome video was created using a GoPro camera on rigs and After Effects.

Talk about giving karate a much-needed 21st century spin! Watch the epic story yourself:


1. Karate practice in the park changes when this woman shows up.

2. Time to go to the ground to fight.

3. Punch and kick!

4. Fighting on rocks like there's no tomorrow.

5. One guy gains the upper hand.

6. The other guy stages a comeback.

7. Someone loses their belt.

8. The woman unzips her jacket for the winner and reveals a surprise.

To see the epic conclusion and all of the amazing shots, watch the full video:

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