Kanye West Surprised Chicago High School Students. They'll Never Forget This Night.

Famous Chicago rappers inspire their hometown.

Chicago rapper Chancelor Bennett, known as Chance the Rapper, likely serves as an inspiration for many young artists hoping to break into the music industry. 


At just 22 years of age, the Chicago native has already made quite a name for himself in hip-hop.

Aside from his musical accomplishments, the rapper maintains a noteworthy investment in his hometown community: He's behind an ongoing project called OpenMike, where Chicago high school students get to participate in open mic events. 

Together with poet Malcolm London, Chance hopes to continue the legacy of the late Mike Hawkins ("Brother Mike"), a YOUMedia coordinator and mentor, the Chicago Tribune reported. 

Last February, Chance and London hosted their first free open mic night for high school students in downtown Chicago.

Hundreds of excited teens from all over Baltimore, Michigan and Chicago showed up, and one high school student, named Renzell Roque, even got to perform in front of Chance that night. 

"(Chance) talked about how he used to go to open mics before he was famous," Roque told The Chicago Tribune. "He wanted us to connect with everyone in the room because we were the future leaders of Chicago, and we'd all be working together."

At the last May 12 open mic, the crowd was in for a treat when none other than Kanye West showed up.

When West joined Chicago rapper Vic Mensa to perform hit tracks like "All Day" and "U Mad," the crowd went wild. 

Check out the video below:

Chance took to Twitter to thank his special guests for attending the OpenMike series. And the attendees certainly didn't hold back from expressing their gratitude through social media, using the hashtag #OpenMike

H/T: The Chicago Tribune 

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