The Power Of Empathy And Tears Of Joy: Our Favorite Reader Comments From The Past Month

Every month, we'll be highlighting things we heard from our most important critic, you, the reader.

At A Plus, we're always trying to move the conversation forward. One of the videos that collected the most shares and comments on our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr during the past month was a Black woman's reaction to being pulled over by a police officer in Louisiana. It is powerful and emotional and indicative of underlying issues in our society that need to continue to be discussed. 

One viewer pointed out that even if you cannot identify with the woman in the video, that doesn't mean you cannot empathize with her. In a time when we need to keep having those tough and complicated conversations, it's important that we begin in a place of compassion. 

See below for our favorite comments, and the stories they reference, from the last month.


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Cover image via GaudiLab / Shutterstock.


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