Photographer Snaps Intimate Photos Of Lovers Only To Capture 'Young Love'


New York is hardly considered to be a capital of romance. Like any big city, it's more about finding yourself lonely than in love. 

But is it really? 

Armed with nothing but her i-Phone, Julia Xanthos, a New York-based multimedia journalist, set out to prove what New York city is really about. Xanthos captured intimate black-and-white photos of #YoungLove and shared them on her Instagram account. 

She explained the idea behind her project in greater detail in a feature on NY Daily News:

What a beautiful thing to love someone so much, you don't care who is watching. To be in your own world with the one you love. It's a constant romantic movie playing on an endless loop throughout this city that is too often synonymous with isolation and loneliness. It became a goal of mine to capture those small, tender moments.


"People are really sending love letters through my instagram feed now - tagging each other in comments," Xanthos told A Plus. "It is really adorable."

"The process of doing this project has been a really sweet experience for me and I hope that people hashtag their pictures #younglove and continue to spread the love."

"It's pretty contagious," Xanthos said.

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