This Short Film Will Make You Question How Far You'll Go For The One You Love

And you'll need tissues.

How far will you go for the one you love? Well, the short film "Blind Devotion," addresses this question. 

Created by the Jubilee Project, an organization that promotes videos that inspire positive change, "Blind Devotion" tells the beautiful story of a couple whose relationship is threatened because one partner is going blind.


The film begins with the happy couple, going about their daily routine, sending simple reminders of their love for one another.

Until one day, the lead character, Cecilia, discovers she is going completely blind.

Cecilia fights to tell her husband, Louie, what's happening. When she finally tells him, she doesn't want his help.

So she cooks, cleans, goes to work and goes about her day, thinking she's doing it alone.

But what she doesn't know is that Louie is by her side, the whole time, making sure she's safe.

He follows her to work to make sure she gets there safely, watches out while she cooks, and helps her get through life's obstacles.

All out of unconditional love.

"Cecilia will never know how much I do for her, and I don't ever need her to know. That's how I still love her. Even though she doesn't want me to," says Louis in the film.

Be sure to check out the full film and prepare for the waterworks. 

The film is one of two in a series about unconditional love, in partnership with Pastor Francis Chan and his latest book "You and Me Forever," according to the project's YouTube channel. 

"100% of all proceeds from book sales go towards fighting poverty in Africa — Projects like building a safe haven village for young women rescued out of prostitution."

You can also support the Jubilee Project here.

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