You'll Never Guess How Much The Rent For This Tent In Silicon Valley Is

It comes with one shower a day.

Jonathan Potter, owner of the website, lives in Mountain View, California, part of San Francisco's tech hub Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has the highest rent of any area in the country. That can make finding affordable housing difficult. 

Potter's family had rented out a room in their home for years, so he was used to the idea of having a tenant. After the most recent tenant moved out, Potter thought it would be a good idea to use Airbnb, a popular website for listing short-term lodging. That way, his family could fill the room right up until they got a new permanent tenant to move in. That got Potter thinking. 

"I was joking with my brother and some friends about the fact that I bet I could get money with a tent in the backyard," he told A Plus. "I decided to actually try it! 


Potter set up the Airbnb listing and found that people were willing to sleep in a tent in his parent's backyard for a few nights. 

"At $20 a night I got way too many responses," Potter said. "So I kept raising the price until I arrived at the current $46 level it's at now." 

The rate for the whole month is $900. 

The ad states that guests can come into the house and shower once per day. They can even eat inside. 

The best part? Potter lives at his parents house for free, so, he's making a 100 percent profit off the tent. 

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