This Is How Your Favorite Pop Culture Icons' Style Has Evolved Since You First Met Them

James Bond's is by far the best.

The best characters tend to change a lot from when we first meet them and, naturally, so do their fashion senses. 

In season one of Game of Thrones, the oh-so-innocent Daenerys Targaryen becomes part of the Dothraki tribe and dresses in their traditional garb. Khaleesi's raggedy clothes fit her position, personality and nomadic lifestyle. But once things change, her wardrobe has to, too. She can't exactly be wearing tattered clothing when she's trying to be seen as a confident, powerful queen. 

It's super interesting to see just how much we can tell about a character by noting how their wardrobe has changed. With that in mind, artist Joe Van Wetering illustrated posters that show the style evolution of some of pop cultures most beloved characters. In addition to TV and movie characters, he also drew the fashions of stars such as Michael Jackson, Will Smith and Michael Jordan. 

Check them out below: 


1. Daenerys Targaryen, "Game of Thrones"

2. Cinderella

3. Will Smith

4. Storm Troopers, "Star Wars"

5. Michael Jordan

6. Elsa, "Frozen"

7. Jim Carrey

8. Megaman

9. Rocky Balboa, "Rocky"

10. Michael Jackson

11. The Bride, "Kill Bill"

12. James Bond

13. Marty McFly, "Back to the Future"

(H/T: DesignTaxi)

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