JetBlue Told A Flight Full Of People They Could Take A Trip For Free, But There Was An Important Catch

“If people compromise and work together, all parties can win.”

JetBlue made dreams come true all in the name of a social experiment. The airline invited 150 passengers who had no idea what was going on to partake in the chance to win a free round-trip flight to anywhere JetBlue flies. 

But, like all good things in life, there was, of course, a catch. 

The entire flight would have to unanimously agree on the destination. All 150 people could only go to one place. 

"Seems like the world has been struggling to come to an agreement lately. People everywhere are digging in, holding their ground, refusing to compromise," a JetBlue representative said in a video about the experiment. "So, as a social experiment, we wanted to find out if real people on a JetBlue flight would have an easier time putting aside their differences and reaching across the aisle." 

To get the ball rolling, passengers were given a pamphlet with all the places they could choose from, and a red or blue voting hand. After some time with the pamphlet, the first vote started. 


They had to decide whether they'd be flying domestic or international.

"What if you don't have a passport?" one passenger wondered.

"You'll have to get one," the JetBlue rep replied. Oh, duh. 

An overwhelming majority voted for international, so that's what they went with. After taking a second vote of all the international destination options, there were two clear front-runners. 

Turks and Caicos or Costa Rica?

"Remember, we all go or no one goes," the JetBlue rep said. "So, I'm going to invite you now to take this time to talk to your neighbors, listen to each other's arguments for and against their chosen destination." 

And people did. They argued, shared their opinions, and listened to each other. 

In the end, the whole flight did manage to come to a unanimous decision. See where they decided to go in the video below:

“If people compromise and work together, all parties can win,” the JetBlue rep said.

He's right.

(H/T: Mashable


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