'Rubber Boy' Legit Looks Like He Has No Bones

He can do the exorcist head spin.

15-year-old Jaspreet Singh Kalra has some special talents...


The Indian teen, known as "Rubber Man," has an incredible ability to contort his body in all different directions, and is even a record holder in the Indian Book of Records. 

In a Barcroft Media video, his mother says she is very proud of her son's accomplishments. 

Jaspreet Singh Kalra learned he could twist his body in unusual ways at the age of 11, and has continued to hone in on his talent ever since. 

Now, he hopes to not only be the pride of India, but to also be world famous by becoming the number one contortionist. 

Watch the video here:

(H/T: Laughing Squid

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