Former 'Popular' Kids Have A Powerful Message To Kids In High School

"It doesn't get better."

If there's one thing that all high schools around the world have in common, it has to be the popular kids. Yep. The ones that either have the looks or the sass or a car. Maybe even all three of them.

Back then their life looked pretty damn perfect. No teen acne, and all the hottest dates. This short movie directed by Jason Headley features four adults who supposedly were "the popular kids" back in their high school years. Now they have a powerful message to all teens of today. Apparently after graduation, "it doesn't get better" than that.

"This one guy asked me to prom," says a women in the video. "I laughed out at him. Little nerdy, geeky. Alain was his name. He owns a yacht now. The kinds of people I used to make fun of... When I want a raise, I have to talk to those kinds of people. Very respectfully."

Watch the entire video below.


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