Ariel Photographs Capture The Intimate Moments Of Parents-To-Be

So intimate.

It's rare we get a peek into the private moments of strangers' lives, but Russian photographer Jana Romanova captured such times in a photo series entitled "Waiting." 

The project, which took almost five years to shoot, features couples in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow who are expecting a baby in the coming months. It shows aerial views of the subjects sleeping in the very early morning, capturing their naturally entwined positions and beauty.   

"There was something charming and magic in their poses, in the symmetry of their bodies," Romanova writes in a Medium piece. "I photographed friends, then friends of friends, and then I reached out to couples on social media." All together, she hopes to make 40 images to reflect the 40 weeks in pregnancy. 

But the project isn't just about capturing this magic time of "waiting" in anticipation of a new family member.  In her Medium article, Romanova goes on to explain the other reasons behind creating the series. She writes: 

Waiting investigates not only their attitude to each other during the period of expecting a baby, but also the way young families live in big cities of modern Russia, 20 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the country that will be known to their children only from history books.Look at the things that surround them — slippers, sofas, mobile phones, toys, laptops, "Star Wars" bedsheets. These are the details to the stories of the generation to which I belong and to the children who are already invisibly present in these images. These couples are waiting for a future, and the only thing we can predict is that it will be totally different than our "here and now."

To honor the couples, and what the photographs represent, Romanova has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to turn "Waiting" into a book. The campaign extends for two more days, and she invites viewers to support her project by pre-ordering the book. 


Check out some of Romanova's beautiful images below:

To learn more about the project, watch this video:

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