This Couple Gets Paid Thousands To Travel The World And Post Photos Of Their Romantic Adventure

Jack Morris reportedly earned up to $9,000 for a single post.

If you've ever dreamed of traveling the world, don't let the thought of not having enough money stop you. These days, social capital can grant you a life of adventure and luxury — that is, if you use your Instagram right. 

Take Instagrammers Jack Morris, 26, and Lauren Bullen, 24, a couple who's using their social media to travel the world, and get paid for it, too.


"We met in Fiji on a job with the tourism board," Bullen told A Plus. "Spent a week together, and at the end, Jack invited me to Bali to come hang more, and the rest is history!"

Even before becoming an Instagram travel couple, Morris and Bullen had already acquired over 1 million followers through their individual travel pages, and Bullen was also running her own blog

"Best thing is that we get to experience all these moments together and create such special memories," Bullen told A Plus.

It also doesn't hurt to get paid for the thing they love to do. According to the video above, the couple gets up to $3,000 for every sponsored photo they post, and Insider reports "Morris was once paid $9,000 for a single post on Instagram, and Bullen has been paid up to $7,500 for a post."

Through pursuing their passion for traveling, the duo have had the opportunity to partner with huge brands such as AirBnB, Royal Caribbean Air NZ, Uber, and others. Even more inspiring, the pair uses their platforms to raise awareness about important causes to their millions of  followers. Bullen recently partnered with the Vodafone Foundation and DreamLab to help track cancer research.  

"We've been able to inspire people across the world to see the world," Bullen told A Plus. "Spread word of people doing great things, such as [those behind] an animal sanctuary in Namibia, Barcs for Bali Dogs, [an]organization in Bali."

If you're wondering how they've earned so much influence through their photos, it might have something to do with the way they present their images. The couple recently revealed to their followers how they get them to look so good on their new Instagram account in August, which show the "presets." On this Instagram, they reveal the before-and-after shots to show what their photos look like unedited, then edited. 

Click the arrows to see the before and after. 

The bloggers told Daily Mail they use editing tools such as Adobe Lightroom, and brighten up colors and change the exposure.

"I don't use any mobile apps or filters," Morris told the Daily Mail. "If a photo looks a little dark [...], I sometimes tweak the edit just on the pre-post Instagram editor." Bullen added, "I usually look for a preset that looks the best as it naturally is, and the first thing I will do is come over to the exposure and increase it."

Morris and Bullen aren't the only ones following their travel dreams. Nomad couple Sheridan and Joel Lathe sail around the world helping animals. There's also newlyweds Rob and Joli Switzer, who take a romantic photo in every new city they venture. 

It goes to show, if you stay true to your heart, you can live the life that makes you happy. 


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