J.K. Rowling Sums Up Every Woman's Experience Online In One Epic Tweetstorm

Rowling believes women should be able to have an opinion without being called a "slut" or a "whore."

On Twitter, J.K. Rowling has come to be known as someone who can always offer perspective and isn't afraid to mince words. On Friday, the author of the Harry Potter series summed up what has been the experience of many women online when she spoke out against a man calling Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa May a "whore."  

Rowling says the man, who Rowling refers to as "Mr. Liberal Guy," is someone she once respected, but has unfollowed after his inability to express his opinion without restoring to derogatory terms. In an epic 14-post tweetstorm, Rowling stands up for the right of all women to have an opinion and reminds the man that none of his arguments matter if he "can't disagree with a woman without reaching for all those filthy old insults." 


A study in 2016 by the think tank Devos found that every minute, six people on Twitter are called a "slut" or a "whore." This means every 10 seconds, a woman, whether it's Hillary Clinton, Theresa May or yes, J.K. Rowling, is being degraded because of her gender. Coming right after the U.K.'s most recent Parliamentary election, Rowling's statements are an important reminder that it's possible to have meaningful conversations about politics without resorting to insults.

(H/T: Fast Company)


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