Why A 91-Year-Old Italian Grandma Puts Marijuana In Her Chicken Cacciatore


Nonna lives in a secret location in the northern mountains of California. She infuses food with medical marijuana that she gets from the garden.


Nonna says she cooks with medical marijuana because she feels it helps people with illnesses endure the pain. She wants to show them how to add it to their food to make it a more pleasant experience. 

Here's Nonna's weed butter. She uses it in her favorite Italian recipes.

Like her famous marijuana chicken cacciatore.

And her gnocchi dish.

Nonna believes that medical marijuana has helped control her daughter's seizures.

Nonna's daughter Valerie began exploring the medicinal affects of marijuana after a car accident left her with a brain injury that caused a seizure disorder. 

Years later, Valerie Corral became the founder of the Women/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana. WAMM helped pave the way for the legalization of medical marijuana in California. 

Here's the medical marijuana garden where she gets her (not-so-secret) ingredient.

They have about 20 strains of marijuana in their garden, with varying medicinal purposes. 

Generally, most varieties of cannabis come from two species: sativa and indica. Sativa is associated with the mind, whereas indica is known to produce more of a body high. Therefore, a patient with depression might benefit from sativa, whereas someone in pain due to cancer might be treated with indica. 

Each individual is different and there's a lot of science to prescribing the accurate strain and dosage of medical marijuana.

Volunteers help them grow and harvest medical marijuana, which they donate to people in need.

They supply patients and caregivers with medical marijuana on a donation basis so that people with low incomes can also have access. 

Nonna doesn't partake in her infusions, but she's a firm believer in its medicinal uses.

Find out if medical marijuana is legal in your State

Check out Nonna cook up her marijuana-infused Italian recipes in the video below.

Nonna was featured on a show about marijuana infused food and drinks called "Bong Appetit" on Munchies T.V.


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