Coffins Were So Last Year. These Burial Pods Are The New Eco-Friendly Trend.

It might seem like a delicate piece of art, but it's strong enough to carry a human inside.

Forget tombstones and cemeteries. An Italian company has created a beautiful and eco-friendly alternative.


The company, Capsula Mundi, is apparently pretty passionate about the environment. As they point out on their website,  a tree takes between 10 to 40 long years to grow, but a coffin made from wood is only used for 3 days. That didn't seem very practical to them, so they came up with a way to save the life of one tree and plant another.

The idea is to provide a green burial option by creating "memory forests," where people will be placed in capsules underneath trees. The designers use renewable materials made from seasonal plants such as potatoes and corn. 

Here's how the process works.

With this burial option, once a person dies, they will be placed inside an egg-like capsule that's made from a starch plastic which is 100% biodegradable.

The capsule would then be planted in soil like a seed.

A beautiful tree will be planted on top. (The customer would pick out the tree themselves when they purchase the service.)

Once a number of pods and trees are planted, it'd create a "memory forest."

And people could visit and take care of the tree in commemoration of their loved ones.

Here's the process in a nutshell. (Or should we say, in a capsule.)

Whether this is your style or not, you've got to admit it's a beautiful way to honor a loved one... and the Earth.

Although the company is based in Italy, the Italian government does not permit this type of burial. The folks at Capsula Mundi are trying to change the legislation so that people can have options. Help spread the word. 

(Photos used with permission from Capsula Mundi.)


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