It's The Kind Of Irish Pub You Only Expect To See In Movies, But It's Real

We're adding this to our bucket list!

Who wouldn't want to go to Ireland? There are old castles, rolling hills and — who are we kidding — Irish pubs! 

Yes, yes, we know the Emerald Isle is modern and hip now, but we still like to think of it as magical and poetic. Luckily, they've still got some of that old Irish charm left. 


You can find this hidden treasure if you make your way to Knockavilla, Cork. Knockavilla's a wee village that we hear has only 6 houses, a graveyard and, most importantly, a pub called The Crossroads Bar. It's where locals gather for some "scoops and banter." (That's "beer and a chat" to you!) 

So, what makes this pub so special? 

The bartender, John Horgan, likes to sing Irish ballads, like this one from Jimmy McCarthy. Not only does he serenade the bar patrons with his beautiful voice, but he continues pouring out pints without spilling a drop. (Not an easy task if you knew how precise they expect the head on their beer to be.) 

Luckily one customer, Tony Sheehan, pulled out his phone and caught it all on video. The rest of the locals? They joined in. You can even hear a banjo in the background. 

It's actually not that uncommon to come across an Irish countryside bar that still holds traditional Irish music sessions like this one. 

Maybe it isn't the Irish pubs after all, but the Irish people themselves who make the country so damn charming. Stay green Ireland... stay green. 

Cheers to that. Or as the Irish would say "sláinte."


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