Clever Posters Transform Iconic Symbols From Around The World Into Russian Nesting Dolls

Hello Kitty gets a matryoshka makeover.

Knowing a second language is pretty cool. Its uses include, but are not limited to:

1. Making traveling way easier.

2. Impressing a beautiful stranger.

3. Allowing you to discuss embarrassing matters with your best friend without other people around you getting it.

Judging by her work, Ira Smolikova, a Moscow-based graphic designer and art director, seems to understand this well. 

After being commissioned by a Russian Language Institute, Smolikova created clever posters showing the transformation one makes when mastering a language. 

She used iconic symbols from different countries, such as Japan's Hello Kitty or the UK's red telephone booths, and transformed them step-by-step into matryoshkas, or Russian nesting dolls. The tagline reads, "Study Russian. Be Russian".

We couldn't agree more. To fully understand another culture you have to first learn its languages. A lot of good stuff can get lost in translation. We don't want to miss out on it, now, do we?


If you like these posters as much as we do, make sure to check out more of Smolikova's work on her Behance page.

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(H/T: Trendland)


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