How An 8-Year-Old's Quest For Dino Shoes Set The Internet On Fire


When 8-year-old Sophia Trow from England headed to the store to buy a new pair of shoes, she didn’t love her choices.


Though she had found an amazing pair of dinosaur shoes, she was told that they were only for boys, and wouldn't accommodate the bone structure of a girl.

After the shopping trip, she wrote a letter to the store in order to express her disappointment.

The letter reads: 

My Mum took me to buy new school shoes and I saw that there were dinosaur shoes for boys. Why can't girls have dinosaur shoes? I don't like how girls have flowery shoes. I like dinosaurs and fossils, so I think that other girls might as well.

Sophia's letter was read by the Trowelblazers, a group of female scientists who dig in the dirt and wear tough shoes for a living. They encouraged other female scientists to support Sophia's interests and desire for tough shoes by tweeting pictures of the shoes they use to do their jobs every day, tagging each post with #InMyShoes.

Females in nearly all occupations sent in pictures of their feet, showing that girls don't need glamorous footwear to get the job done:


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