Thanks To IKEA You'll Now Be Attending Strangely Awesome Virtual Weddings

Out of town guests can attend your wedding from their laptops.

Anyone who's ever thought of getting married dreams that their ceremony will stand out as unique and memorable. Well, now there's one way to get married that will have everyone talking... for a long time.  


The world is getting smaller and most of us have friends all over the country if not the world. It's not easy to gather everyone you care about in one place to share your special day. 

More people are looking at online options as a way to include out-of-town guests. For example, some Vegas chapels have a livestream so family and friends can view the ceremony from home. 

IKEA has topped that. The store's new "virtual wedding" feature allows couples to get married online and with a background destination of their choice.  

There are a variety of pretty landscapes lovebirds can choose from to suit their own style. 

Like a farm wedding.

Or a rooftop wedding.

At first, we weren't sure what to make this — a furniture store offering virtual weddings? Then, it kind of made sense. 

After all, where do most couples go once they married and move in together? 

Here's how it works.

Think any of your friends would get married this way?


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