Internet Environmentalists Imagine The Earth's Deepest Thoughts

Environmentalists, conservation groups consider what our planet would have to say.

As thousands across the world celebrate Earth Day by planting trees or marching for science, Twitter users took a moment in the days leading up to April 22 to consider what our planet would want to say if it had the chance.

Individuals posted in the Earth's voice, which was poignant, slightly accusatory or sometimes sounding uncannily like Liam Neeson, using #IfOnlyTheEarthCouldSpeak. The hashtag started gaining traction on Twitter Tuesday as environmental and natural resource organizations got involved. Conservation International used the trend to repost videos from its "Nature is Speaking" campaign, in which celebrities lend their voices to different natural features.


The video series' slogan "Nature doesn't need people. People need nature." is something we should all keep in mind this Earth Day. 

See more of our favorite #IfNatureCouldOnlySpeak posts below.

Cover image via NOAA/NASA


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