This Official Instagram Account Of An Icelandic Police Department Will Make You Jealous Of How Much Fun They're Having

Where do we send our CVs?

We all know Iceland is a pretty sweet country. Icelandic men twerk their booties to raise colon cancer awareness. They've got Björk. And what about those stunning glacier caves that look like giant tidal waves frozen in time?

Iceland might also have the world's coolest policemen. For proof, you need look no further than the official Instagram account of the Reykjavik police force, where law enforcement officers in the country's capital are seen making goofy faces, taking gym selfies and eating cotton candy. Sure, their jobs are serious, but this doesn't mean they can't have a bit of fun along the way.

The account has a growing a fan base. Already it boasts over 145,000 followers, which as one blogger pointed out is greater than entire population of Reykjavik (118,000). 

Easy there, Iceland. You might just break Instagram. 


Making goofy faces.

Eating donuts. Obvi.

"Everything is good that is green is not the truth in this case."

Real men love cotton candy.

Why so serious?

Driving around, blasting some seriously uplifting tunes.

Because Hello Kitty is actually pretty badass.

Hanging out at a park...

... and then off to feed birds.

Here we go with gym selfies.

Gay 4 a day!

Pink is so in this season.

Watch out, criminals.

Just casually reenacting a scene from Baywatch.

Let your creative juices flow, policemen... and toddlers.

Just too cool. Where do we send our job applications?

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