3 Cartoons That Would Be Way Better If Ice T Did The Voice-Overs

Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to come up with this idea.

He has one of the most distinctive voices in the entertainment industry. No, we don't mean Jimmy Fallon, we're talking the one and only Ice T. His voice has helped make him one of the most defining rap artists in history. It also gave him that edge to his cop character on "Law and Order: SVU." 

What some people don't realize is that Ice T also does voice-over work. So far, it's been mostly for video games, but Jimmy Fallon has another option for him. He thinks cartoons would be way more interesting if the original characters' voices were replaced with Ice T's. 

What do you think? Did Ice T miss his calling?


Check out cartoons redubbed with an Ice T voice-over on this video from "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon."

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