Hungarian Women Take Over Social Media To Show Abused Females That They Are Not Alone

Simple, yet powerful.

According to the European Union Agency Of Fundamental Rights, one out five women in Hungary has been abused at some point in her life.

"What's even worse they're ashamed to ask for help since they rightly feel abandoned by authorities," says the official description of the Hungarian #HurtsMeToo charity campaign created by ACG Advertising Agency. "That's why the other four women have to prove them: they don't have to face this problem alone."

To show abused women that they are not alone, the people behind the campaigned joined forces with Tatz, one of leading temporary tattoo brands in Hungary. They created temporary tattoos that resemble painful bruises. 


All the money raised by selling these temporary tattoos was donated to charity.

To help kickstart the campaign, Hungarian celebrities were asked to take a stand.

Soon enough, women from around Hungary joined in...

... uploading their photos on social media.

Sending a powerful message to abused girls...

You are not alone...

and it #HurtsMeToo.

Sometimes, all it takes is to show others your support. Simple, yet so powerful.

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