They Ask Couples How Many People They Slept With Before Meeting Their Significant Other And Things Get Really Awkward

"We'll talk about it later."

There's no relationship manual. But if there's one thing that many couples seem to agree on it's that you're better off not knowing how many people your significant other slept with.

No matter what the number is, you just don't want to go there. To quote Thomas Gray (or Kendrick Lamar if you prefer), "ignorance is bliss."

When couples are put on the spot and asked to fess up, things get really awkward. And yet equally hilarious. 


Just trying to keep it cool. Trying really hard.

Oh all those things you wish you could unhear.

"She says one, but I know at least five," one of the boyfriends in the video answers holding in his laugh.

Watch the video below to see what happens when couples get asked arguably one of the most uncomfortable questions.

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(H/T: Elite Daily)


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