Here's Some Of The Most Cliché Poses On Instagram

Everyone's guilty of one of these.


French musician Hiérophante created a music video for his song "Clichés" that pokes fun at all the overused poses people use in their Instagram photos. Think elevator selfies and throwing up peace signs. 

Not only does everyone take the same kind of pictures of themselves, but posting photos of salads, tattoos, and latte art is also hugely popular on the platform. Hiérophante also threw in some Instagram stars like Marnie the Dog and stock images that populate articles all over the Internet. 

Check out the video above, and have a little laugh at your own expense, because you know you're guilty of at least one of those posts. 

Here's some highlights:

1. Mirror selfie

2. Follow me to...

3. Elevator selfie

4. Peace sign

5. Bath time

6. Six pack selfie

7. Flash

8. Pole dancing

(H/T: DesignTaxi


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