A Trippy Pregame Show That You Wouldn't Expect To See At A Hockey Game

Even if you're not into sports, you'd wanna see this pregame show.

Ah, don't you just love technology? It makes life (and pregame shows) much more interesting. Just think about how many people tune into the Olympics Opening Ceremony and the halftime show for the Super Bowl, which both rely heavily on high-tech special effects.

Well, fans were in for a big surprise when a Canadian junior hockey team was introduced in a similarly grand way. The Halifax Mooseheads (named after the beer of the same name) treated their fans to a mind-bending ice show. 

Ad agency Egg Studios used technology to project 3D images across the rink, making it look as if they were melting the ice and then refreezing it.

Check out the pregame show yourself in the video below. 


We know Canadians love hockey, but this is over the top... in a good way.


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