25 Images Captured On Google Street View To Make You Think Before Doing Anything In Public


You probably wouldn't expect a Google Street View vehicle to pass by just as you're doing something embarrassing, strange or even illegal. Yet, there's always those people caught unawares. 

While some may have had no idea the Google Street View cameras were nearby, and others may have been purposefully posing, all the images captured below are pretty bizarre. 


1. This man chainsawing wood in his undies.

2. This baby all alone on the street.

3. This live cock fight.

4. This guy horsing around.

5. This TP'ed house.

6. This woman flashing the camera.

7. This dumpster full of mannequins.

8. These cheerleaders practicing in traffic.

9. These passed out people.

10. This man who just couldn't wait.

11. This scary accident.

12. This man in a trunk.

13. This guy and all his chicks.

14. This girl's skateboarding fail.

15. This guy taking a nap on the street.

16. This guy's outfit.

17. Gumby being attacked.

18. This fight.

19. This girl's amused friends.

20. This very suspicious activity.

21. These people dressed up like pigeons.

22. This breakup.

23. This guy in a trash can.

24. These guys LARPing in a lot.

25. This guy who either locked his keys in the car, or is committing a crime.

(H/T: Fun Google Street View)

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