These Celebrities Took Google Doodle’s Earth Day Spirit Animal Quiz. What's Yours?

Google calls it "a totally scientific and 1,000% accurate personality quiz." Sounds legit!

Since 1970, humans have been celebrating Earth Day on April 22 to call attention to the needs of the planet in terms of pollution, climate, and biodiversity.


Today's Google Doodle celebrates our planet through a simple personality quiz, letting you know what your inner spirit animal is. Are you a honey badger? A wooly mammoth? A giant squid (you'd be in good company if you are)? Head on over to Google to find out for yourself.

After you take the quiz, be sure to let us know which animal you are inside! We over here at A Plus want to know, so hit us up on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and let us know your #EarthDay#GoogleDoodle results!

Then, see how your spirit animal compares to these celebrities who each made videos discussing their inner animal. All of these celebrities are raising money for conservation organizations near and dear to their hearts, and Google is generously matching funds up to $20,000 for each until April 30th. That can make a huge impact!

Edward Norton: Actor and UN Ambassador for Global Biodiversity

Edward Norton is leading a crowdfunding campaign to benefit the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. For every $10 you donate, you'll be entered to win a Google Hangout with Norton himself, along with a poster from Birdman signed by the cast and crew. 

Jared Leto: Actor, Musician, World Wildlife Fund Global Ambassador

Jared Leto is leading a fundraiser for the World Wildlife Fund in order to promote conservation and protect threatened species around the globe.

Paul Wesley: Actor

Paul Wesley is raising money for Virunga National Park in Eastern Congo, which is the oldest national park in Africa!

Dr. Jane Goodall: Primatologist, Conservationist, Author

Dr. Goodall is fundraising for the Jane Goodall Institute, which she founded in 1977 to build global understanding and awareness of the conservation problems affecting our great ape cousins.

Maggie Q: Actress

Maggie Q is supporting WildAid, which actively works to put an end to illegal trading of wildlife as well as protecting threatened animals from overhunting by poachers.

Dermot O’Leary: Television and Radio Broadcaster

Dermot O'Leary is raising money for the Zoological Society of London, which promotes conservation and seeks to put an end to crime against wildlife.

Image credit: Google


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