This One-Year-Old Has To Wear An Eye Patch Every Day, But Her Father Tries To Make It Fun

She's adorable.

Wearing an eye patch every single day doesn't sound like too much fun, but Geoff Grubb makes it cool for his one-year-old daughter Layla. 

Layla, who has a small cataract in her right eye, wears an eye patch for two hours daily to help her vision. Grubb designs fun illustrations on each of her patches, and then shares them on his Instagram "Layla's Patches." Sometimes, the eye patch is even part of Layla's complete outfit. 

In a Mashable article, Grubb explains that Layla's vision is developing very well. "We try to keep it part of her regular routine so it bothers her less," he told the publication. "After all these months, most days she doesn't even notice it."

Back in December, we shared some of this dad's creative designs, but they have gotten even better since then. Check out the latest adorable photos of Layla and her eye patch below: 


1. Princess Layla.

2. Newest member of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

3. Emoji poop patch.

4. Layla McFly.

5. Ghostbuster.

6. Oh, THERE's Nemo.

7. "Where the Wild Things Are."

8. "Monsters, Inc."

9. Layla had a little lamb.

10. Kirby.

11. Cookie monster.

12. Snoopy.

13. Lego time.

14. Pikachu.

(H/T: Laughing Squid

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