Soundcloud Users Comment On Each Second Of This Tune, And This Is How They Felt When Listening To It

"Swimming drunk."

There's just something very powerful about music. We sing when we are happy, we do the same when we're sad. When we hear a long forgotten tune we used to listen to at a specific period of our lives, we suddenly have all those memories rushing back. 

Now, The Geek x Vrv, a French electro duo, released a stunning music video composed entirely of Soundcloud comments made in response to one of their recent tracks. And it's all about feeling the tune. 

As their Youtube channel explains, the song "Waves" was posted on both Soundcloud and a dedicated website, where people were able to comment on specific seconds of the song. Scroll down to see how this tune made them feel.


Watch the entire video below.

This just makes us love music even more.

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