You Wear Some Of These Items Every Day, But Here’s What You Need To Know About Them

#3 is outrageous.

If you're wearing clothes right now then you are tangentially involved in the fashion industry. So if you think fashion is just for fashionistas — well, think again.


Fashion has played a significant role in the world's narrative, and it can act as a barometer for gauging where society has stood at different moments in history. 

TheRichest made a montage entitled "Fashion Items That Changed The World," and it's filled with fascinating glimpses into the history of style, culture and society. 

Here are just a few of their fun facts: 

1.) High Heels

2.) The Bra

3.) The Air Jordan

4.) The Little Black Dress

5.) The Bikini

6.) Sunglasses

7.) The Mini Skirt

Watch the full video to learn the rest:


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